Getting the Most From Your Day Spa Experience

Preparing for Your Day Spa Visit

Day spas are places of euphoric experiences, providing a feeling of happiness and relaxation from daily personal or professional stress and strain. Day spas offer services like therapies, massages, body wraps, facials, or any kind of specialized treatments, usually during the daytime.

Unlike the destination spas or resort spas, the treatment can last from one hour to one full day while being in a serene environment away from daily chores and tensions.

There are thousands of day spas offering specialized services. Some day spas cater to only specific requirements like the couple spas, escape day spas etc.

Day spas are by nature very clean and comfortable. The client can receive personalized treatments in private rooms. If a shower is needed before starting the treatment, showering facilities also are made available for both men and women.

A good quality day spa centre will be typically operated by an esthetician who is licensed to provide these services. Trained therapists are usually employed in the day spas that specialize in massages and other licensed services.

Spa shoes and robes are normally made available in all sizes to cater to different clients. Many varieties of massages are offered in the day spas like the deep muscle or shiatsu, or Swedish. Apart from waxing, they also typically provide laser hair removal, heat treatments, and pedicure and manicure treatments. They often also have a sauna or a hot tub.


Important Things to Keep in Mind While at a Day Spa

Before getting any service or treatment it is important to make the spa staff aware of any health conditions you may have like high blood pressure, pregnancy etc. People, who are under medication, should consult their doctor before indulging in spa treatments.

A reputable Day spa will give a questionnaire to complete before they provide services or treatments. In order to serve you properly and safely, it is important to provide relevant information to the different service providers who will customize your experience according to your personal needs. This also gives them the information that may be needed in the case of an emergency.


Check Their Qualifications

It is always imperative to ask for certification, credentials, and licenses pertaining to day spas as some may have untrained and inexperienced workers.

When you purchase services and treatments as a group, or when opting for a whole package or corporate booking, you may be eligible for a substantial discount.

It is a good idea to ask around to get opinions and feedback from others who have used the services of the particular day spa you wish to patronize, to ensure you’ll get the experience you’re expecting. And because your visit will often be customized to your needs, it is important to schedule your appointment well in advance.

Be sure to go with minimal jewelry and accessories, and if possible, no makeup at all.


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